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Suzhou industrial park yinghan power auxiliary machine co., ltd,is a professional manufacturer specialized in the research, design and manufacturing of high-efficiency fiber filter series water treatment fiber filter. our leading product is the pore controllable fiber filter authorized by the national patent, also known as TWF pore controll fiber filter. Since its establishment, the company has been committed in this field, mastered the core technology of PCF pore controll fiber filter, The company has formed the design and production capacity of a complete series of water treatment fiber filtration equipment with twisting PCF pore controllable fiber filter as the leading product and the other two series of fiber filtration equipment as the auxiliary. 
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Fiber filters have been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries.


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More than 20,000 tons of water treatment equipment investment saves 30% compared to other similar filtration technology investments


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    National Patent

    Pore-regulated fiber filter products obtained national patents

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    Designing ability

    Development, design and manufacture of inch fiber filters

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    Project delivery

    Filters are designed with high efficiency functional modules

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    Operation management

    Company products are used in foreign projects

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    Continuous improvement of after sales service

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